The numbers defining Dorian Gray, the musical projects led by Davide Catinari since 1989: seven albums, hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad and some important recognitions, including being the first European rock band to tour mainland China in 1992, the 1999 Lunezia Prize and a 2009 an career award by MEI, Italy’s main event for independent labels and emerging artists.

Dorian Gray’s estimators include Fernanda Pivano (the woman who introduced the Beat Generation movement to Italy), who assigned the Lunezia Prize to Davide Catinari for his Ginsberg’s inspired lyrics.

Dorian Gray is a solid truth in the field of noir music, appreciated both by critics and by those who see imagination as the last frontier to cross to be united with one’s truth self.

Moonage Mantra, their latest album, is above all a work of pop contemporary art, an acknowledgement to the movies by Cassavetes, enhanced by a collaboration with Blaine L. Reiniger (Tuxedomoon) who features as a special guest. In Moonage Mantra, Dorian Gray includes for the first time songs in English, with authorship attributed to their English-speaking alter ego, Golem In Love.